Please put your mind at rest…and read some testimonials!

“Let me start by saying as far as talent is concerned? His photo’s speak for themselves. As far as the person is concerned? His personality can only be compared to the quality of his photos. I have never in my life met anyone so genuinely involved in his life’s work than Ray. And, throughout my life and throughout my travels, there have only ever been a handful of people that have left such an impression that I made it a point to keep in touch regardless of distance. … Photos can speak a thousand words, but the ones you need to hear are Karay Media. Donna and Steve” – (Married at Sugar Beach)

“Ray is the most wonderful person ever! We had the most wonderful wedding at the Sugar Beach which was made even more special by Ray’s presence on the day and attention to detail. He is a complete perfectionist and this shows in the pictures as they are all absolutely amazing! We are still arguing over which selection to put in the album as each one is as special as the next.

I am so glad that he was available on our special day – book him in advance!!!!!! The communication between us and Ray was excellent and he is always willing to help which makes a change from normal in-house photographers who just shoot pictures. 
Ray catches every moment on camera in a way no-one else can! He makes you feel very relaxed to get the best shots possible – and some of the stories he comes out with!!! Trust me your smile will look very natural as that is all you can do with him there!
We did not have the best weather on our wedding day but this did not deter Ray at all and the photos we have are shown in the best light possible – I do not think I could have got better images with anyone else. We have just had our photos printed and they are absolutely amazing – I cannot wait to show them off to everyone and make them insanely jealous! Ray, we cannot thank you enough for making our wedding the most memorable day for us. The whole day seemed to fly by, but looking over the photographs again brought everything back!

Best wishes for the future and many many thanks, Simone and Paul” – (Married at Sugar Beach)

“Hey Ray… WOW….I love them sooo much! There are many great shots here…..its going to be hard
to determine what I want blown up….that’s a good thing though. Thank you so very much for giving us these wonderful memories. I’m so happy that I read the reviews before we headed to St Lucia and more so that you were willing to take our pictures.
Thank you Thank you Thank you…..did I say thank you?

Michelle & David” – (Married at Sugar Beach)

“Ray and Anna, Amy and I wanted to thank you again. Actually, I don’t think we can thank you enough!!! THE PICTURES ARE AWESOME. You captured everything we wanted and blew us away with your attention to detail. Amy is extremely pleased with all her special request shots. Our first reaction to the DVD was that IT WAS PERFECT. It was exactly what we had envisioned; the music, the editing—everything. The reaction from our family and friends was even more than we imagined. Of course they were jealous, but they were stunned at how perfect the pictures came out. There was such a variety everyone has their favorites and the quality made them all feel as if they were there with us.
We were so glad we chose to go with you over the Windjammer package. Your website is very true to your work! It also made the decision to go with a professional much easier than a “cookie cutter“ resort package. Even in your emails with Amy and my first conversation with you when we arrived I could tell right away that you were passionate about what you do and above all have a great sense of humor. That alone, made us feel at ease about coordinating with you all the way from Boston.
We hope you are as proud of the photos as we are. Our deepest thanks for making us relaxed, making us laugh, and sharing our wedding day with us.
Thanks again, Justin and Amy” – (Married at Windjammer Landing)

“Ray and Chris, WOW!!!! Each of you far and above exceeded our expectations of wedding photos and video for Britta and Pete. We absolutely never expected such exquisite quality and content as that provided by each of you in your respective art. Ray, every photo was worth framing as you captured not just the moments, but the experience of their love and the ambiance of the island in a most special occasion in our lives. Chris, the video is an emotional ride on a surf encompassing the beauty of St. Lucia (the Windjammer, more specifically), the truth and splendor of their love and commitment in their spoken vows, and their subsequent expressions of happiness and bliss on their wedding day in paradise. These photos and this video will be cherished for generations to come within our families. Truly, words cannot express our extreme satisfaction and gratitude for your talents.
Please charge my VISA card an additional $150.00 ($75.00 for each of you) as an expression of our sincerest appreciation for capturing, and thereby extending, this most memorable day in our lives. Celebrate your talents with those you hold near and dear. Thank you!

Jan and Dave Potti (parents of the bride)” – (Married at Windjammer Landing)

“Ray, What can we say??? The pictures are beyond all expectations! I knew you were good but we are just so happy with your work. Thank you for picking us up at the resort and for researching such a special place for our special day. The villa and the secluded beach were perfect. Thank the doctor and his wife again for letting us use their beautiful garden. You made a wonderful day even better with your extra special touch and attention to detail. We have gotten many positive comments and can’t wait to share all the pictures at the receptions. Thanks again, Karen and Vince”

It was such a stroke of luck that we found you! You were so kind to be so flexible with your schedule, just so that we could have a photo session on our honeymoon. It would not have happened otherwise and for that alone- We thank you. Your honesty, friendliness, charm and wit put us both at ease instantly, you made it easy for us to relax and let you do your job. The location you chose for our photo session was beautiful and your creative eye really captured some amazing pictures. We are truly happy with your work and if there is ever an opportunity for us to recommend you, we will sincerely do so.

Best Wishes to you, Jen and Matt”

“Hi Ray and Chris. We would just like to say a big “Thanks” for the pictures of our Wedding at Coconut Bay. We are really happy with them and have already printed them out to put into our Wedding Album. The DVD is super as well, with great music to set the scene and shots of the island as the intro. It makes you feel quite emotional watching it! The photo’s and DVD are so good, that all of our family want copies! After Karen and I being quite nervous about how the photos would come out, we were both delighted with them! You made us both feel at ease and it was quite laid back and not regimented, which is what I have been witness to with other Wedding shoots. You made us both feel comfortable and relaxed with no pressure whatsoever! Many many thanks Ray and Chris!
PS, So glad that we didn’t have the Coconut Bay photographers. The couple the next day had their photo’s taken by Coconut Bay. When they were developed, they were all blank! They had already got changed so they had to all get dressed again and take them twice! If we hadn’t had you, we would have been that couple! Paul & Karen” – (Married at Coconut Bay)

“Hey Ray!  The pics were wonderful !! We chose #69 ( where we are sitting on each others lap together both holding the bouquet) for our announcements. They take a couple of weeks to get back, but you will be getting one as soon as we recieve them. We are currently trying to decide which ones we will have reproduced to have framed and hung. I wish I had enough walls in our townhome to put up all of our favorites!
We have one on the computer as a screen saver right now.

In an effort to decide which one to use for announcements, we sent all of our friends the link to your website. Big help they were, they loved ALL the shots!They said “it looked like you guys were having so much fun, wow it looked so beautiful” Everyone I sent the link to had something wonderful to say. But of course most importantly,we were more than happy with the results. Thank you so much once again. The entire experience was simply unforgettable. Tene and Trent”

“Hey Ray! The pictures were great. We are very happy with them and have already ordered the prints for our album. We really felt like you captured our personalities in your photographs…especially the ones in the water! Most importantly, we enjoyed our time with you. You made us feel very comfortable and relaxed with no pressure! Thank you so much Ray!

Feel free to use any of the shots from our wedding. I’ve checked your site periodically to see if you’ve posted any. You should be proud of your work!Thanks Ray and keep in touch! Camissa & Dennis”

Ray – the pictures are wonderful! You truly have a gift! Thank you so very much !!! It was a joy meeting you and we wish you all the best! Keep in touch! We plan to spend our anniversary in St. Lucia every year! So
when we come back – we will look you up and have a drink and take more pictures. Again, thank you – thank you! Take Care
Laura Robbins – (Married at Sugar Beach)


“Just wanted to say how impressed we are with the pictures!!! They are so natural looking. You’ve captured all the moments of the day perfectly. You’re incredibly talented. We love them and are so happy we found Karay Media and you as a photographer. All our friends and family are in awe over the pictures. Thank you so much for making our day so awesome. We had so much fun on the beach and really enjoyed your company. Now we have some beautiful, fun pictures to remember it by. We can’t thank you enough!

Susan & Sean” – (Married at Morgan Bay)

“The pictures were spectacular! Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT! I can not believe how great they look. We have traditional all the way to silly and that is exactly what I wanted. I will have to let you know what everyone’s reaction is during the reception in January. I know they are going to be so jealous. Hahaha!
I have a little something I would like to send you. Can you send me your address?

You rock!

Amberly & Brian” – (Married at Sandals)

“Hi Ray,Back home now in cold Ireland but we have the most fantastic pictures from you, which each time we look at them we re-live our beautiful wedding in St. Lucia again and again. To us wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of the wedding because after the day is long since gone the pictures will always tell the story of our special day.

I am so glad I discovered you on Trip Advisor from the moment we meet you the week before our wedding I knew I had made the right choice. You not only gave us the most wonderful pictures and excellent DVD, but you made the day so much fun I never laughed so much and considering I normally hate having my photo you made me feel like a model for the day!!

Our wedding in St. Lucia was everything we dreamed it would be and we thank you for being part of our special day.
Lisa & Alan Harrington” – (Married at Coconut Bay)

“Ray, Well where do I begin. With the obvious I guess. The pictures were great! Rob and I thought the pictures were amazing and I hope you are just as proud of them as we are. The pictures you took of me on the tree thankfully worked out and we really liked the pictures taken at Pigeon Island at the old fort especially #33. You know its funny before we left for St Lucia I looked all over for white strapy sandals to wear with my dress which if you live in Canada is not an easy task in February/March. So I finally found the perfect pair but now I realize I should have been looking for white hiking boots with all the climbing we did. The shoes are junk now but it was worth it for such great pictures!!! You really are a wonderful photographer.
Ray, Rob and I are so happy we asked you to do our pictures because not only do we have beautiful pictures to remember our wedding day but we also met a great person who we will always remember. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel comfortable with you which is a great relief when the anxiety of the day sometimes can takeover. If you need us to give references to others considering using your services by all means let us know and we would be happy to do that for you.
Just a note about the Sandals pictures because I am sure you are curious. Most of the pictures were not very good; most were not centered correctly a lot had lighting issues and of course there were several with sunbathers in the background. We very narrowly found just over 20 pictures we liked out of approximately 110 photos to chose from. Rob and Shari”

“Hi Ray, we both want to thank you for our wonderful wedding photos! After seeing your website and speaking to people on tripadvisor we knew we could put our trust in you to make some perfect memories of our special day. We feel so lucky to have found you to do our photos and we will recommend you to anyone who is concerned about onsite photographers like we were.
You also made us feel at ease as we both usually hate having our photos taken but you made us feel so comfortable and we also had a laugh with you as you are great to get on with.
Thank you so very much Ray, you felt more like a friend to us than our wedding photographer. You have made some beautiful memories for us and we cant thank you enough.

Keep up the good work you are doing a fantastic job!
Take care, Claire & Paul x”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Ray, you are simply amazing! We are so very happy with our photos! Our family and friends can’t believe how beautiful they are. You captured our day perfectly and we can never thank you enough for that.

You and Kari are such sweet, sincere people. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease. You have such a passion for what you do and a personal interest in making our special day perfect. We weren’t just another couple getting married and more money in the bank. You are also a true romantic and it shows through in your photos. We appreciate your professionalism and genuine kindness.
We are so glad we decided to have you as our wedding photographer instead of a local resort. We are so thankful that we did more research and found a professional photographer. We couldn’t be happier. We have special memories that will last a lifetime and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have 2 new friends now and we hope to keep in touch and perhaps visit St Lucia again soon!

If you guys are ever anywhere close to Kansas in the US, please let us know! We would love to see you again!

Anyone who is getting married in St Lucia, please contact Karaymedia! You will be so happy you did and you will have a great experience. They will make sure that your special day is YOUR special day. They really went above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you so much! Shane & Debbie Carson xxxxxxxxx”

(Debbie & Shane’s Wedding Organised by Tropic Isle Weddings)

“Hi Ray, Thanks so much for being such a great part of our day! The pictures we even better than I had hoped for. And Jason didn’t even complain once about having his picture taken! On our 1st day back, we picked out our favs for an album since we had a reception this weekend. Although all were great, we ended up with 85 must-have favorites (I think all of which you posted on the website). And I’m actually going to print them all! Thank you so much for taking so many great pics! Oh, I think I forgot to thank you for adding the pics & so quickly! It’s fun to see them on the internet.

Honestly Ray, you are such a gem..I had a ball & felt like a princess that day! Based on my experience in the hotel room, I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much fun with the resort photographer. You have a special gift in making people relax & enjoy it! I came in with high expectations & you blew them out of the water!!! I feel so lucky to have found you from a forum! Again, thanks so much for capturing our special day. Melissa & Jason” – (Married at Sandals)

We just wanted to drop you a line to say how thoroughly pleased we are with our wedding photos! Of course, when you surprise everyone with a wedding, you need great photos to display and we had them.

The shock on people’s faces was priceless and then they all gasped at how beautiful we looked on the island of St. Lucia and how it must have been breathtaking.

In the TV business, we are highly critical of photos and our Chief Photographer even said, “I love the pictures because of the lighting used.” That is a high compliment to you, Ray!

We loved the variety, it was more than just the traditional shots. Every picture captured the moment and has its own story. Since it was just the 2 of us on the trip, we had to make sure the pictures told the story of our wedding. Our parents were very pleased, they said they felt like they were right there with us.

Now we are having a hard time picking out which pictures to put up around the house, they are all so good! And I can’t tell you how many people have checked out the website, people all over the U.S. are looking at the pictures and checking out many of the other weddings too. The photos alone have almost convinced some of our friends planning the big traditional wedding to scrap the plans and find you in St. Lucia. 🙂

One last thing, thanks for being our witness. It meant a lot to us to have you taking part in our ceremony. We are so happy we had you capture our wedding and wouldn’t have changed a thing. Just wanted to say the next time we are on the island, the first pint is on us! Bully of a job, good fellow!

Stephanie and Beau Baehman KMIZ-TV” – (Married at Sandals, plus shoot at Pigeon Island)

Hello Ray, This is just a simple thank you to tell you how incredible that you and your staff are. The pictures that you took of me and my wife were absolutely the best that I have ever seen. However, it wasn’t just the pictures that you took that made you so great. It was your personality, your professionalism and your passion for your job. You worked extremely hard the entire time never taking a break and making sure that each picture was absolutely perfect. I was amazed at your abilities and passion for photography. If I had to hand pick a photographer to take pictures of our wedding, I couldn’t have picked a better one than you. I would like to tell anyone out there that if you are doing a wedding in St. Lucia please contact Karaymedia. If you don’t, you will regret it. There is none better on the island and in my opinion none better in the world. We have watched our video and looked at our pictures countless times over the past three weeks and every time, we find something new and always get lost in the scenery and it takes us back to those special moments. We will never forget you guys and as I told you before we left on Saturday, you and Kari always have a home in the States (Commerce, Georgia) at anytime. We would love to have you come and stay with us. Please stay in touch and God Bless You and all of your endeavors.

Thank You So Much, Chad and Katherine Cheatham

(Katherine and Chad’s Wedding Organised by Tropic Isle Weddings)

“Hey Ray, The photo’s were awesome! Just what I was expecting them to be. I went to the Sandals photo shop to pick out our one free photo and there was not one pic that we liked. I am so happy I found you on the trip advisor website and I will recommend you to everyone worried about getting their photo’s done at Sandals. Our wedding pictures couldn’t have been more perfect!

We’ll be back next year, I hope! Thanks again, you did a fantastic job 😉

Naomi & Danny” – (Married at Sandals)

“Hi Ray, We have returned home; finally after a very long journey! I want to come back to St. Lucia, I miss it already! It is fairly warm here for November and rainy! Onto the pictures. At first when we started looking at them we weren’t too sure…………kidding (hee hee) …the pictures are AMAZING!!!! We love them! We are extremely happy with the way they turned out! I think I have looked at them a hundred times! Thank you again for your enthusiasm, and your professionalism! (A big thank you for putting up with my Dad!)
We will keep in touch. Take care, Shannon & Pete” – (Married at Sandals)

“Hey Ray. The pictures are awesome and better than we ever dreamed. Everyone tells us that they are the best wedding pictures they’d ever seen. And since we keep getting people coming to us see our pictures after others told them about how great they are, I guess we can believe it! Amanda and I definitely want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us and have told everyone to check your website, which they also did! Your ability to keep us comfortable, especially Amanda who was very nervous at first, was really nice, and the pictures are the proof. I actually had one friend, after looking at the photos, decide that she wants to get married and St Lucia and have pictures done like ours, and she’s not even engaged!

Todd and Amanda”

“Hi Ray, I just wanted to say: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – WE absolutely love the photos, they are fantastic, exactly what I wished for!!!

When we got home my mum had every single one of them printed out for us, and its so good that we don’t have to choose a small number say 35 to be printed out on site as we get the full picture of the wedding day by having them all, and they didn’t cost a pinch to get them all developed!! Its so great to have the disc to do what we want with them, I have printed out one of my favourite ones 75 times from my computer for our thank you cards to guests at our reception back home.

I have even recommended you to another bride who is getting married in the Almond next year and I know that she has booked you already. I showed her your site with my pictures on and she was very impressed too. If our friends wanted to see our pictures but hadn’t been round to see us I have been directing them to your site and they are all very complimentary of all the photos from all of the wedding (Ours are the best though he he). Especially the ones of us in the sea!!!

Our day was fantastic and you were such fun to have as our photographer, the sunset ones are so beautiful.

I carry such treasured memories of our wedding in St Lucia and these have all been captured on camera by you!!

Thanks again Ray – I would use you again in a FLASH !! he he Take care and keep making those wedding couples very happy on their special day! Love Sarah and Barry.” – (Married at Morgan Bay)

“Ray, We would like thank you and Anna for providing us with exceptional shots and great memories of our wedding day in St. Lucia. Your attention to detail and professionalism made the day very worry free. We really love the photos where you took advantage of the scenery and all the beautiful spots that Sugar Beach had to offer. We really appreciate the quality and the quickness of your work as well. You guys really went above and beyond with the personal touches and it shows with the end result. We still can’t believe that you found our song for the video with the limited information we gave you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone traveling to St. Lucia and will use you in any of our future visits. All the best and thanks…..Chris & Dawn” – (Married at Sugar Beach)

“When you showed up as our substitute photographer, which normally would have made me nervous, for some reason I felt calm. I’d never seen a single photo you had taken, but I just felt that you knew how special the day was to us and that you would do your best to take photos we could look back on and remember how we felt. There is something that can be said about a man that still cries at weddings after photographing them since he was 15. And it shows in the detail of your work. We absolutely love the photos. I show people the photos every chance I get and they are always say how lovely everything looked. You were able to catch the light and expression beautifully. But it wasn’t just the way the pictures came out flawlessly. It was how comfortable you made me feel upon meeting you. When I was running late and my mom and sister were stressing out, you went out and had a cig with my mom and made her laugh. You were curious about us and what we wanted. You got in there to get the shot, but funny enough, you moved like a ghost because I don’t remember seeing you during the ceremony. You never made me feel posed and the photos reflect our relaxation because of it. You are not only a talented photographer, you are a lovely person and we were so glad to have had you there that day.
I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your island paradise as much as we did!

Truly, Danielle and Keith” – (Married at TiKaye)

“Ray! We treasure our honeymoon pictures! After all is said and done, we’ve narrowed them down to 16 shots which we’re going to print off. I told Josh that we don’t have room in our house to display 16 pictures but he insists I print them anyway because he likes them so much!

Personally, my favorites are the sequence shots. I love the three of us at the end of that dock at Pigeon Island! And, surprisingly, I really like the shots where you caught us in some sort of giggle-fit!

Thank you for spending so much time with us – we know you had such a busy week! We appreciate your patience considering you didn’t have the *most* photogenic subjects! Your charisma and kind words really eased our nerves. We can hardly wait to share our priceless souvenirs with our family and friends. We know they will be just as impressed with your work as we are.
Thanks again, Ray!
Enjoy that gorgeous island of yours!!
Josh & Tiffany”

“Ray, We wanted to let you know that our pictures are absolutely wonderful. We have gotten so many compliments on them. We were amazed that you took the time to formally meet us days before the wedding. We knew right then that picking you for our photographer was a good idea. Also, we need to thank you for being a witn
ess, we left St. Lucia feeling like we had known you forever. Best of luck to you and your company. We seriously cannot say enough good things about you. Thanks again. 
Dave & Alicia” – (Married at Sandals)

“Ray has the rare ability to tune into your personality, allowing him to capture moments that are unique to your wedding day. Calm, unobtrusive, but busting with enthusiasm,Ray was the perfect photographer, and gentleman, for our special day.

Thank you so much, it was just the best! Lots of Love,

Helen & Stewart” – (Married at TiKaye)

“Dear Ray,

We wanted to thank you for the gorgeous pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. We are so pleased and couldn’t be happier with the results! Not only were the pictures great but you also made our families so comfortable- they truly enjoyed your presence. (In fact my Momst. lucia wedding wants to fly you to the states for my sister’s wedding). You truly helped make our day special and the pictures we will cherish forever. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of compliments we have received from family and friends regarding the pictures. Thanks so much for all your work and dedication. You will have our highest recommendations for all future clients. Thank you again. Take care, Nick and Andi Kman” – (Married at Sandals)

“Hi Ray,

Charlie here. We’re back from honeymoon and have found the most amazing photos waiting for us!! They are so beautiful, you have done a fantastic job. It was great having you around ost. lucia weddingn the day although a lot of the time we hardly noticed you getting into the action to get your snaps!! Thanks again for all your hard work which produced wonderful results!

Feel free to use whatever you want wherever you need to on your website – we’ll be famous!!

Thanks again Ray – we couldn’t be happier!

Charlie and Ben xxx”


Thank you for the fantastic pictures you shot of our beautiful wedding. I can’t tell you how many people have gone to the web site and told us how great they are. But I suppose there’s lots of photographers that can do that. Where you separate yourself from the pack is that you know how to make people feel comfortable, and that allows for not st. lucia weddingonly great pictures but happy subjects. Not easy to do on the most nervous day of their lives. You were totally professional throughout, making sure you got all the shots we wanted while making sure we were relaxing and having a good time. And the pictures arrived really fast, in color, black and white and sepia, giving us the options we asked for. We love them.

Thanks! Chris and Christina”

“Hello Ray!

We were very pleased with our photos. We’ve gotten a few enlarged and we are really happy with st. lucia weddingthe quality of the pictures. Having the pictures on CD is a great idea because we can choose what photos we want to get developed – even though we ended up getting them all developed anyway. Thank you for your professionalism and thanks for capturing the most wonderful day of our lives. We wish you the best of luck!

Kenneth and Shantelle”

st. lucia wedding“Hi Ray, Just wanted to let you know the photographs are outstanding !! Indra and I couldnt be more pleased. We recevied the DVD from Kayt via FedEx in Canada without incident and now the task is to decide which to print.
Many thanks for a great job ! Evan”

“Dear Ray, st. lucia wedding
We just wanted to write to say how special you made us both feel on our special day. Your patience and your sense of humour were brilliant! And better still, our families, our children and all the generations to come will see how wonderful our wedding was. The pictures are perfect. We were so worried and nervous about everything but you calmed us down, for that, we will always be grateful!

You were fantastic Ray, thank you so much!, Love Marla & Dawson xxx”

“Dear Kari and Ray, As you know we didn’t have the best of weather on our wedding day but your guidance and st. lucia weddingprofessionalism made up for all of that. The photographs are better than we could have dreamt of – your dedication and perfectionism really shines through. From your sense of humor and organization on the day to the packaging of our photo cd’s – everything was wonderful.

I hope we continue to work together in the future and look forward to seeing you again when we return to St Lucia – hopefully as soon as possible!

With love and sincere thanks, Kate and Lee”

“Hi Ray,
Back home now, we would just like to say a massive thank you we have received the photos they are out of this world, were so happy you made the day so special, and so enjoyable we shall recommend you highly, we could have done with you on the ship the photographer was crap, you’d of made a fortune.
Once again many thanks and here’s to a clicky future for you, unforgettable.

love Arny & Sarah, Mr & Mrs Wheatley”

st. lucia wedding“To Ray & Kari, From Mr & Mrs Dunstan Denis

We appreciate everything you have done  for us.

The patience & time you devoted to us has produced great results to last a lifetime. Thank you very much.”


“Kari & Ray,

Thanks so much for photographing our wedding. The pictures are fabulous!! You did a terrific job and we’ll be sure to mention you to Jasmine for any upcoming weddings (or any other events for that matter) in St. Lucia.
Doug and I really appreciatest. lucia weddingd the two of you standing in as our witnesses also. We couldn’t have asked for two better people. We had a wonderful time in St. Lucia and hope to get back there as soon as possible. We will be sure to look you up when we do.

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Take Care.

Much Love,
Doug & Lori Garner”

“Hi Ray,

Well, we are back in Canada adjusting to the coldest spell of winter we have had all year. How we both long to enjoy again the lazy, warm days and nights in St.Lucia. Our memories we will cherish forever as we will our beautiful wedding photographs. We cannot say how pleased we are with the job you did that day. We just love them so much, you captured so many moments, natural and posed. People we show them to say how amazing they are and how we look so relaxed. You were able to make us feel comfortable even though we had just met you and I think that really shows through. There are so many that we adore, it’s going to be a lot of fun putting together a collage of photos to hang in our home.

To anyone who plans to get married in St.Lucia, we will certainly direct them to your website.
We wish you continued success in the future.

Thank You So Much, Deanne and Michael” – (Married at Sandals)

“Dearest Ray & Kari, your understanding and the way that you treated my tender wife was truly a most wonderful thing and I am eternally grateful. Your care, discretion and professionalism is something we have rarely found. Your photographs and video make us cry with joy, and for the rest of our lives, we will never forget the everlasting memories and support that you gave us. Ray, your humour charged us both with an enthusiasm that would have been lacking had you not agreed to share this day with us. Please post this onto your Testimonial page. I’m sure you will understand that we cannot share our pictures with the world, but can tell the world just how precious they, and you both are. Love & Happiness to you always, Jonathan & Sarah”

“We finally got a chance on tuesday to go through your CD…. You do take great pictures !!!!
Out of the 104 we chose 44 to go and print off as 4 x6 prints and have already created a couple of albums. I must say that the video does show your profesionalism as a photographer…You check EVERY shot after you take it, make the adjustments as required, then always try to time your shot for the light and the background.. Then you’d be ready with anther shot within 5 to 10 seconds !! Trust me it shows in the video : )

We are very pleased with your work the photo quality and most certainly the quaitity of photos you provided. It gave us so much more to choose from than Sandals was offering. I told Kat you posted us on your site… she just about jumped out of her skin with excitement. She immediately made several phone calls! Gotta go Kat’s got a bottle of wine open…Still honeymooning you know. Tom & Kat” – (Married at Sandals)

“Hi Ray.
Alex and I want to send you a long overdue thank you for photographing
our wedding. the pictures came out beautifully and we really enjoyed working with you. Our favorite (and our family’s favorite too) is the one of Alex and I laughing during our toast. You captured our personalities amazingly well and really created gorgeous photo memories of our wedding. Again, thank you so much. Lots of love and light to you.
Alex and Wendy Whiting” – (Married at TiKaye)

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