Are You Planning a Destination Wedding in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is an awesome island on which to hold your Caribbean wedding. Now one of the most popular wedding destinations…we can help you plan your very own perfect day.

Back in 2005, I had been photographing for an independent wedding planner here, who not only talked on her phone during the clients ceremony, but also attempted to charge them more than double what I was charging her for their photographs. With that, and having seen some terrible “factory-line” weddings at some resorts, it was at that point that my wife and I decided we would plan weddings here. And it makes perfect sense for you too. No other bonafied wedding planner on the island is a photographer. Too many times, I’ll arrive at the site with the bride and things are not conducive to you getting great photographs. But, when I plan your day…not only will
your day be cherished forever…but so will your photographs!

And now, I work on those weddings with the wonderful Kari who, like me, wants your day to be the best it can be. We have a proven team of marriage officers, florists, taxi drivers etc…all of whom have proven to be the best we can offer…so your day will be as perfect as it can be. And of course…I’ll be photographing you!

With resorts like Sandals and St. James Morgan Bay now charging such huge sums for photography, and not allowing you to choose who photographs your day…you, like many others can enjoy your own unique wedding…and save money in the process!! Plus, you don’t have 200 other guests in speedos…staring at you!

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