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More Information about your photographer, other services and St. Lucia.

For those who want to know…the cameras I use are 2 Canon EOS-5D Mk3s. Supplied image size is 4500×3000 pixels at 300PPI. 10million+ effective pixels and the image ratio is 3:2. With that, the main lense is the Canon 24-70. Complete with flash, you have over 6000US dollars woth of equipment photographing you! Other lenses include a 12-24mm, 24-105 and a 70-200mm I have a 1DMk3, and a 1D Mk2t too, as spares. The high price reflects the quality of the sensor in the camera, far more important than just megapixels.

Files are delivered in jpg format, and range from 1-10MB dependent on content. Images should be printed at a minimum 300dpi, though 200dpi is recommended by most professionals. Printable image is approx 3ft by 2ft though obviously, 6*4’s look great too! I’ve done plenty of billboards with it too!

We also offer Corporate Services to clients here in St.Lucia, the Caribbean and all over the world with press, launch, presentation, in-house and aerial photography.
Clients include…many, many happily married couples! Plus… BBC History, BBC News, Mars, Coca Cola, Nat West Bank, Lloyd Bowmaker, Lloyds Bank, EMAP, DMS Marketing, Cursor Graphics, Allied Dunbar, Barclays Bank, British Gas, DMS Marketing, HTV West, Granada Television, Digicel St. Lucia, Digicel Jamaica, Awesome Caribbean Weddings,
Creative Junction, Accela Marketing,Rendezvous – The Romantic Holiday, Oasis Marigot Hotel & Villas, Fujitsu Computers (OY), LeSport & Oasis Spa,Sunswept Resorts Ltd and many more…

Our photography has been featured in several magazines and promotional materials including “Destination Weddings & Honeymoons” and “She Caribbean” magazine as well as “Hello Magazine” & other publications, websites, press and corporate materials.