1: How are the pictures delivered and what size will they be?
The images are delivered via Dropbox, a free download., usually within 3-4 days of the wedding. The images are Hi-res jpg images, large enough for billboards, or a 6×4! I also supply a folder of images, resized and watermarked for your social media requirements. Usually, I’ll get you a couple of previews on the day too, to share with the folks back home.

2: Do you edit the images?
The images are edited in terms of cropping, colour, contrast etc. Blemishes, sunburn and fat arms(!) are not edited though, so watch out for mosquito bites, the sun…and good food! If you require extra editing, you can discuss it with me.

3: Are there limitations on what we can print?
No, no limitations at all. If necessary, I will provide a disclaimer for any printer who needs it…but it’s rarely required.

4: Why is this so cheap…is it a scam?
6000 images online, 100 testimonials and countless great reviews available on Google…should tell you I’m legitimate. And I don’t know why it’s so cheap…!!

5: Can we give you examples of images we like?
Yes you can, I’m happy to recreate anything you like. Bring them on a phone or iPad, so we can reference them on the day. Try and be original though…Pinterest is full of non-unique images!

6: Why doesn’t my hotel recommend you?
Most hotels here hire staff who they can pay a minimum to. They then charge you a premium for “photographers” that they are able to pay considerably less to. These “photographers” are then equipped with budget equipment. As the reviews online will tell you, many clients are unhappy. The hotels however make huge profits and apparently care little for the bad press. Your wedding is about profit for most of them, nothing more. To add insult to injury, they then charge a vendor fee if you want to choose your own!

7: I’ve found a cheaper photographer, will you match his price?
No, when you want to eat at a top quality restaurant, do you ask them to match KFC’s price?! There are many poor photographers here, and you can choose them to give you the only tangible memories you’ll get of the wedding. Or, you can be smart and choose a guy who will guarantee you get great images that you can enjoy and cherish for years to come.

8: Do you supply RAW images?
No, it would be like someone giving you a pile of bricks, mortar, paint &  brushes …and telling you how beautiful the ceiling of the Sistine chapel is!

9: Which hotels would you recommend?
There are many hotels here that I’d stay in, but if you plan a wedding, steer clear of those that do “factory” weddings and forbid you from choosing your own photographer. Currently, St. James Morgan Bay is getting the worst reviews.

10: What if the weather is bad?
If it rains, I advise couples to postpone the ceremony. You came here to be married in the sun, not in the rain, and definitely not in a ballroom, restaurant or lobby! We can reschedule in most cases, so you may need to get your hair done again, but it’s a small price to pay. In the event of a hurricane, plague, locusts(!), then of course I can return your deposit, but in 15 years here so far, I’ve never missed a shoot. The thing is, this is a tropical island, with tropical rains and storms, mixed in withe the sunshine and blue skies. This week, I’ve had couples sitting in my car as we patiently wait for the rain to stop. So, don’t worry, there’s no rush…I want you to get great images…and we’ll wait an hour or days if we have to!