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About Your Wedding, Honeymoon, Tour & Vacation Photographer in St. Lucia.

Ray HardyHello! Yes, the handsome chap(!) you see to the left…is your photographer here in St. Lucia. My name is Ray Hardy, and all of the pictures you see on this site were taken by myself. And when you book, you’ll get to meet me too…and soon realize that I look much better in that photograph….than I do in real life!!

Born in England, I came to live in St. Lucia in 2002. Back in the UK, I was 12 yrs old when I won my first photography competition and at just 16, photographed my first wedding. I’d had a step-father who was a superb photographer, so my childhood had primed me for my future career. Immediately after leaving school, I trained as an event manager, so for those months in England…where it rains so much, I was coordinating and managing events for most of the major companies. In the summer, I’d plan, photograph and video weddings all over England.
30 years later, I’m now half-English, half St. Lucian, have photographed and planned over 1200 weddings here, and am fortunate enough to still know so many of those clients who trusted me with their precious memories.

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But the key to so many clients being so happy with their photographs, isn’t the experience, nor the camera…but the rapport between us. I always try to ensure that long before you arrive here, you’re confident about your day…and most importantly…secure in the knowledge that I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure, not only that you get great images, but that we have fun in the process! So, rather than those cheesy images you see so often, with images where you look awkward and posed…you’ll just look like two people…relaxed, in love…and enjoying the moments together in wonderful scenery!

St. Lucia Photographer

Very simply, the photographs will often be the only physical memory of your wedding day or honeymoon, it’s your right to choose who you trust to give you the best quality at a reasonable price! Getting married in St. Lucia is special, the Caribbean is special…your photographs should be too!

Your wedding day or honeymoon will hopefully be a day you’ll do once in your life, with memories you’ll want to cherish for the next 50 years.

So, why are we different? Because we know……It’s your special day, not just “another job”.

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